AGS provides training solutions for various Geospatial practices.


  • Remote Sensing Courses
  • Geospatial Analysis Courses
  • Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Courses
  • All-Source Intelligence Analysis Course
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Courses
  • Customer Specific Training Courses


AGS has a variety of training courses on hand in order to meet many training needs at present. In addition to this we offer to develop customer specific training courses in order to meet very specific customer training needs and requirements. For additional information please contact


AGS has a great range of training and subject matter expert professionals to source out to deliver training in our customers and/or our corporate locations.


AGS training and education is based from publicly published training, educational, and technical standards of leading Geospatial, Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Intelligence, Remote Sensing and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance authoritative sources globally.  Our primary sources in these matters are those of the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and/or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  When requested, we will adapt to standards required specifically of the customer. For additional information please contact


Core Training Methodology


AGS believes in a 40-50-10 approach to training.  This is translates into a training focus of 40% for knowledge, 50% on skills and refined in with a 10% scenario based practical approach.  Each course will have on average:


40% – Knowledges (Classroom lectures)
50% – Skills (Hands on individual practical training)
10% – Scenario (Exercises developed to practice knowledges and skills)


Ranking, Grading and Evaluations


When requested and as required, AGS will conduct a variety of types of confirmation (Quizzes, Tests, Examinations, etc) in order to rank a student’s ability in a set subject. However, customer requirements drive our practice in this and not all courses may be ranked. For additional information please contact


General Courses and Training


AGS offers course and training on a sign-up basis over an annual schedule.  Once the minimum numbers of students required for these types of training services have been met, the details of the training course is finalized per student.  Generally, these forms of training are from organizations with lower numbers of attendees but require a higher level of training.  AGS Training Services schedules these course based off of assessed requirements and to ensure that your specific requirements are possibly met within the calendar year, contact Training Services in order for them to capture your specific needs.  For additional information please contact